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 No HIV test is easier. Our test simply requires a fraction of a drop of blood and you get your own easy to read result in just 15 minutes.

Our HIV Self Test was the first test to be CE marked and is the only approved test available in South Africa. This means we have proved that our product is easy for you to use and at least 99.7% accurate. The negative line can only appear if you have done everything correctly and it puts you in control.

BioSURE HIV Self Test is the number 1 selling kit in the UK.

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No HIV Self Test is easier to use…


1. Prick

You only need the tiniest drop of blood. Our simple, paediatric lancet only makes a very small cut in your finger (you might not even feel it!)


2. Suck

Our test collects exactly the right amount by simply touching the tip onto the drop of blood


3. Poke

Push the tip of the test to the bottom of the pre-measured buffer pot. That’s it. You get your easy to read result in just 15 minutes

Don't take our word for it…

Pebl Feedback

Over 1000 reviews and comments from our customers says it all really.

Have a read of some anonymous self testing stories.

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