BioSure’s Role in "Delivering the First 90” - The Potential of HIV Self Testing

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The global community has come a long way in the fight against AIDS. In the last decade AIDS-related deaths have fallen by 45% and new HIV infection rates by almost 10%. On top of this, there are currently over 17 million people receiving anti retroviral treatment (ART). These are impressive sounding statistics, but do they point to the near-defeat of AIDS? 

Despite such exciting figures, they do not actually reveal a potentially dangerous trend. We could, in fact, be heading towards an outcome whereby the epidemic outruns the response. Time is of the essence. Rather than approaching a world with “zero new HIV infections, zero AIDS-related deaths and zero discrimination” many experts fear that we are, at present, on an erroneous trajectory.

In response to this fear, UNAIDS established an advisory panel to offer a new, ambitious yet achievable target to put the global community back on track and ensure the epidemic’s demise. The panel devised a revolutionary target “cascade” in order to beat AIDS by 2030: the “90, 90, 90 Goals” 

By 2020…

- 90% of all people living with HIV will know their HIV status

- 90% of all people with diagnosed HIV infection will receive sustained antiretroviral therapy

- 90% of all people receiving antiretroviral therapy will have viral suppression

Fundamental to the delivery of these goals is diagnosing HIV-infections as early as possible. By achieving this, treatment can be used as prevention (TASP) and onward transmission will cease. By 2030 HIV will cease to exist as a global health threat.

The ‘First 90’ is the trigger to kicking off the cascade, without this the plan fails : #KnowYourStatus.

As it stands only 56% of all people living globally with HIV know they have the virus and are unkowingly responsible for the majority of new transmissions. We must therefore come up with new tools, new innovative ways of testing. The key is to provide choices that can reach “key populations” – groups with higher risk of contracting HIV. 

In many situations there are social barriers which prevent people accessing existing HIV testing programmes. HIV self testing empowers individuals to conduct an HIV test for themself, wherever and whenever is most suitable for them, in privacy and without a healthcare professional. They get their own result while they wait.

Could HIV self-testing unlock the door to a world without AIDS? Our experience since the launch of our BioSURE HIV Self Test has demonstrated that this additional testing option enables people previously disenfranchised to assume responsibility for their own testing and wellbeing.

Today there is absolutely no reason why anyone should die as a consequence of HIV infection. A cost effective, and in many places totally funded, simple treatment exists. Test and Treat programmes are being implemented globally. But you can only treat HIV and prevent long term health damage and stop onward transmission of the virus if you have knowledge of your HIV status. If you don’t test, you can’t treat.

The BioSURE HIV Self Test  provides an additonal testing option, to allow people to know their own HIV status, instantly. It is discreet, convenient, uses half a drop of blood and provides an easy to read result in minutes. 

BioSure HIV Self Tests are now available for use in the NHS and 3rd sector at discounted volume rates. For more information about our cost effective testing solution please click here.


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