Hanx condoms

Posted by Brigette Bard on

BioSURE are delighted to be working in partnership with HANX and believe our collaboration can continue to drive the conversation we are both so passionate about – sex, HIV and empowered choices  

As part of our World AIDS Day 2017 awareness campaign, a free HANX condom was included with each BioSure HIV Self Test.

We believe it is absurd that in this day and age, buying and carrying condoms as a woman is still taboo. HANX new condoms (for penises!) are stylish and luxurious and are designed so women can be proud to be seen with a HANX.

HANX condoms combine all superior aspects in one: They are made from 100% natural, fair trade latex, are approved by The Vegan Society and most importantly are ultra-thin for maximum sensitivity.

Sold in places intuitive to women as well as an online subscription.

Never be without a HANX.




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