HIV Self Test


According to the Public Health England 2015 report on HIV, there are an estimated 20,000 people in the UK who are not aware they have HIV and they are unknowingly responsible for the majority of onward transmissions. It is really important to know your HIV status, especially if you think you have had a potential risk of exposure to the virus but you can only be certain of this if you have an HIV Test.

HIV is preventable and you can choose to reduce or even eliminate your risk. Early diagnosis is critical, as the sooner treatment can be started the better the outcome.

Treatments are now so advanced that with the correct treatment at the correct time, the level of virus in your blood can become undetectable, meaning no damage is done to your immune system and it is extremely unlikely HIV can be transmitted.

You can live an active and healthy life and have a normal life expectancy if you have HIV and are on treatment. However if you don't test, you can't treat.

The first legally approved CE marked HIV Test BioSURE HIV Self Test is a rapid test proven to be over 99.7% accurate*. It allows you to discreetly determine your HIV status in a place that you choose and at a time that is convenient to you. Our HIV test is extremely easy to perform, requires only a tiny drop of blood and gives a clear and simple to read result in just 15 minutes. 

Your BioSURE HIV Self Test will usually be delivered within one working day, in plain packaging to an address of your choice. Everything is included for you to be able to perform your test in private and dispose of it discreetly. 

*Remember your HIV test will only be more than 99.7% accurate 3 months after the exposure to HIV. This is because your test works by detecting HIV antibodies in your blood sample and it can take your body this long to produce enough antibodies to be detectable.

What is in your BioSURE HIV Self Test Kit?

  • 1 x BioSure Self Test Pouch Containing:  
  • 1 x BioSure HIV Self Test Device
  • 1 x Single-Use Safety Lancet
  • 1 x Plaster
  • 1 x How to Test Guide
  • 1 x Your Result Guide
  • 1 x Product Insert
  • 1 x Opaque Disposal Bag