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If you think you may have had a potential exposure to HIV, knowing your HIV status is incredibly important and the only way to find this out is to test. By knowing your status you are able to make appropriate decisions, whether that is dealing with a Positive Test Result or choosing to Stay Negative.

HIV is a long term, manageable condition, not a death sentence, once it’s diagnosed. Early diagnosis is critical so that treatment can be started. The longer HIV goes undiagnosed the more damage it will do to your body. Although there isn’t a cure for HIV, treatments are so advanced that in the UK, with correct treatment at the correct time, you can live an active and healthy life and have a virtually normal life expectancy.

HIV is preventable and you can make choices that reduce or even eliminate your risk. Click on the following links for more information:

How Was It For You?

My Result Is Positive

Staying Negative

How Is HIV Transmitted?

Share Your Story PEBL is an independent social enterprise who specialise in anonymous web based discussion. As HIV self testing is so new, it would be fantastic to hear what you think.